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The Simplest Idea

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Real People

Finding the right language partner is a key ingredient to help you reach your goals in learning a new language. With our app, you can find, connect and learn with your ideal language partner all from your phone!

Location Based

Learning a language is all about practice and your real life experiences. Browse the people around you with our app! Your ideal language partner might be just around the corner. Our system is able to detect your location and help you to find the nearest language partners that meet your ideal learning criteria.

Trusted Community

We are a community of language learners, the mobile app is created for language learners, by language learners. We understand that trust is an essential ingredient for effective language exchange; with fylp you are sure that your conversations happen in a language learning environment.

Learn for Free

Text, send messages and learn with other users for free. This is the best way to keep learning and improving the language you’ve got yourself committed to. Life is short, so lets learn effectively and have fun. Use technology to learn another language from real people.

Revolutionary Language Learning


Search other “fylpers” who can speak the language you want to learn and the culture you are interested in. Our proprietary algorithm will take care of you helping you to choose the right language partner for your language learning journey.


Introduce yourself, start with small talk, discover common interests, share tips upon traveling to new places, challenges, meet new people; the pleasure to discover a new culture will be the best motivation to keep improving your language skills.


When you can speak another language your world becomes bigger, richer and more inspiring. Learning with us in a funny, easy and effective way. The app facilitates language exchanges with learning tools and real people interaction.

Core Features

Powerful Algorithm

We bridge real people for language exchange on and off-line. Meeting new people and using real life experiences for language exchange is the most rewarding way to learn a language and culture. Our proprietary matching algorithm will recommend you the most suitable language partners.
Keep active to maximise the power of the algorithm, the more you use the app the better it will help you to find your ideal language partner.






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Be part of our new beta release!

Become a BETA user and get rewarded. We need your feedback to make our mobile app better. Our development team is working hard to identify bugs and keep improving UX. As an early user we will remember you and award your feedback with additional credits. Please fill in the form below to become a BETA user. 

We need your help to make the best release yet, so please leave us your contacts and we will invite you to download and try out the BETA and make sure things important to you are working. If you find a bug, please report it – every bug you uncover (and/or help fix!) is a chance to improve the experience for millions of users worldwide.